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Pennsylvania Resources

Pittsburgh from above

Pennsylvania has some great programs and agencies to help with brownfield redevelopment.  WVU TAB and Pennsylvania representatives did a thorough overview of the FY2023 EPA brownfield grant guidelines ( recording and presentation slides available).  

The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP)

The DEP has 40 grant and rebate programs for environmental improvement in the state.  They also put together a thorough brownfield development guide outlining the process in PA.

The Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED)

Mill 19 on the Hazelwood Green site

The DCED also provides financial assistance.  The State Facility Closure Transition Program (SFCTP) offers funding for environmental assessments, remediation, demolition, and rehabilitation of blighted properties.  

The Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Guarantee Program is aimed at smaller communities for environmental projects, infrastructure, and site development for businesses and local governments.  It  promotes economic welfare through the development, redevelopment, and revitalization of brownfield sites. Projects can be awarded up to $5 million.

The  Pennsylvania First Program (PA First) is a funding tool to increase investment and job creation by improving job training, infrastructure, site preparation, environmental assessment, and many other things. Businesses, municipalities, local development districts, and redevelopment authorities are encouraged to apply.

Business in Our Sites (BOS)  grants and loans fund site development activities for non-residential and non-recreational properties.  


PENNVEST (also known as the PA Infrastructure Investment Authority)  provides funding for drinking water, storm water, or sewage treatment facilities.   This has the potential to improve local surface and groundwater quality, encourage reuse of property in urban areas, create employment opportunities, facilitate the reuse of existing infrastructure, and more.

Specifically, PENNVEST offers low-interest  b rownfield redevelopment loans  for industrial and commercial properties. 

Mill 19 on the Hazelwood Green site


A list of Pennsylvania state cleanup websites is kept updated by the EPA.  WVU TAB maintains contact information for the Pennsylvania DEP and state EPA representatives.