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Grant Writing

Grants are a vital and free source of funding when it comes to redevelopment, especially for brownfield sites.  WVU TAB provides free reviews of grants.

WVU TAB Timeline for FY23 EPA Brownfield Grant Applications

Date Activity
9/12/22 Guidelines Released by EPA
9/30/22 Confirmation of Intent to Apply and SAMS/Grants.Gov Accounts   
10/14/22      Threshold Criteria Complete
10/21/22 Questions for Local Contacts
11/01/22 Deadline for Review Requests to WVU TAB
11/08/22 Deadline for Letter Requests to State Contacts* 
11/08/22 Final Day for Community Meeting Notifications
11/15/22 Final Drafts and Reviews from WVU TAB to Applicant
11/22/22 EPA Brownfield Grant Application Deadline

*May vary by state; contact your state agency to confirm.