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Grant Writing

Grants are a vital and free source of funding when it comes to redevelopment.  This is especially true for brownfield sites.  Read below about how WVU TAB can assist you in the grant writing process!  Be sure to check out our upcoming webinars (or watch past recordings) as well as other resources.

How WVU TAB Can Help

If you have specific questions about your project, the EPA Brownfields Grant guidelines, or where to get started, schedule a virtual one-on-one consultation with us!  We recommend that you do so before October 13, 2023.

WVU TAB also provides free reviews of EPA Brownfields Grant applications, which can give your grant critical feedback on where it needs clarification or more information.  Getting your grant reviewed is highly recommended.  

The deadline to request a review of your FY24 grant application is November 3, 2023.  Email to request a review or ask questions.

Other Important Details

Additionally, you may be required to get a letter of intent or site characterization letter for your application from your state agency.  The deadlines and requirements vary by state and grant type; contact your state agency to confirm what you need or come to one of our state-specific webinars.

Lastly, if you do not receive your grant, request a debrief from the U.S. EPA to see how to improve your application for the next round.