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Benefits of Redevelopment

There are many reasons to clean up and reuse a brownfield site.  These are the top seven:

  • Turns Health and Safety Liabilities into Community Assets
  • Creates New, Local Jobs
  • Increases Property Values
  • Eliminates Eyesores
  • Enhances Economic and Tax Base Development
  • Supports Sustainable Use of Land by Preserving Greenspace and Preventing Sprawl
  • Links Economic Vitality with Environmental Benefits
Barboursville Brickyard Before and After Some of the most objective data for brownfield redevelopment is the measurable  environmental and economic benefits .   Brownfield sites are typically centrally located  within a community and  connect  to existing infrastructure.  The redevelopment of existing sites reduces sprawl and the amount of impervious surface expansion along with many other environmental benefits.  J ob and housing growth can be supported on brownfield sites, which boosts the local economy. 

Contaminants at brownfield sites can create safety risks, social and economic issues, and overall environmental health issues.  Communities should work with environmental regulators and public health agencies when dealing with brownfield sites.  It is important to incorporate  public health improvements while planning redevelop a brownfield site.

Before and after photo of the Webster Springs Train Depot
There are also a variety of ways brownfield sites can be reused .